Siorc has complicated biology

Due to Siorc's bloodline having been tampered with to the extreme with the Khaenr'ian alchemy known as Khemia, Siorc's body and dna are extremely unstable. While on the surface, he appears to be a completely normal human, he is a Human, hyena and shark chimera. Because of his unstable dna, parts of his body that would function like a human's would do not function at the same rate.

For example, Siorc did not go through puberty at the same rate a normal human male would due to the hypothalamus inside his brain partially being tied to his shark dna. This solely resides in his brain and surrounding areas on his head. His voice did not mature very much, if at all. His voice pitch is only slightly masculine.

Due to the hypothalamus being partially shark, his physical body is mostly androgynous, as well. He did not grow very tall, and is about 5'2" even in his adulthood. If I had to compare his body type, I'd say he would look like Venti's body type. Small, and androgynous.

Since parts of the grooves in Siorc's brain are shark grooves, some of the major body parts on his head are shark instead of human. However, they function like that of a human when the shark grooves are dormant. The shark grooves in his brain do not activate unless tampered with or if he suffers a prolonged, years of, in this case, amount of mistreatment or abuse. The shark grooves in his brain will remain dormant if he is to receive proper love and care. They will permanently remain dormant in his adulthood if raised properly. If, however, for whatever reason his shark grooves are to activate, reversing the effect can only occur if someone is able to reach out to him with love. It CANNOT be out of obligation, it has to be out of love. This does not mean it has to be romantic. That is simply not the case.

The parts of his brain that are shark include the nose, his teeth, and his ears. When his shark grooves are active, his sense of smell will be far stronger than when these grooves inside his brain lie dormant. When the grooves are dormant, his sense of smell is that of a normal human's. But when active, due to being partially shark, blood is something that will make him lose control. Like a shark, he will not be able to control himself and bite the victim. Unless someone probes him off, he will not not be able to let go in this situation. His teeth are extremely sharp like a shark's are, however, they do not grow back and are mostly human. Only the sharpness of his teeth matches that of a shark. Meaning, that if he bites you, it will hurt. His eardrums on the inside are the only part that is shark, and it makes his hearing slightly better than a normal human's. He can differentiate the sound of people's footsteps due to his heightened hearing. The only major part of his head that is not shark are his eyes, which are human.

Considering the major instabilities inside his body, parts of his organs are partially hyena, and partially human. Only a few of his organs are fully human. The only organs inside his body that are fully human are his heart and lungs this means he can get human respiratory illnesses or human related heart problems. Notable organs that are partially human, partially hyena include his stomach, esophagus and liver. His spine also contains hyena dna, but he is able to walk like a human, regardless.

Some sections of his muscles are more hyena than human, as well. Due to his entire family having been tampered with, Siorc is able to summon hyena paws in place of his hands and legs. Sometimes, a tail will stick out as well. They are retractable and he has to close his eyes to make these appendages go away and return to human limbs. If his mood is extreme, these appendages will come out randomly, and on their own. Extreme emotions that make them come out without his control the easiest are fear and happiness. He is able to attack with his hyena claws. He can summon his hyena paws at will if he concentrates hard enough. However, since his brain is constantly tampered with by Il Dottore, he is less and less able to summon these traits as he gets older until going rogue. Extremely emotions, however, still make them pop out randomly on their own.

His stamina levels are like they are in the Genshin Impact game itself and only increase when the statues reach the appropriate levels. However, if his hyena legs are out at the time, he will be far more agile. When his legs are human, however, his running speed is that of a regular person with military training, as he is a Fatui.

While being a hyena, there are parts of him that aren't at all correspondent to the traits of them. For example, hyenas are considered social animals. Siorc is not a social person, and never has been. He is extremely quiet and barely speaks. He will only usually speak unless spoken to. It is very rare for him to initiate a conversation unless it involves his family, or something important to him. This only gets worse when he forced against his will to become a Fatui. In which he speaks even less. Voicing things such as desires and complaints are something he almost never does anymore because he knows he is not allowed to do so. He also rarely asks any questions and feels like he is doing something forbidden when he does so. He has basically become even more silent than he used to be to survive as a Fatui Soldier, as well as the trauama associated with being one.

Since his stomach is partially human, and partially hyena, Siorc is an omnivore. However, food is not something he thinks about a lot as he only receives rations while in Snezhnaya. He does not have a favorite food anymore because of this.

Due to constant experimentation within Siorc's brain and body, his pain tolerance is basically non existent. The part of his brain that is in charge of handling pain tolerance is basically off. Any amount of pain will cause him to shut down almost immediately. In this shut down state, everything is black. He cannot see, and cannot hear. In extreme cases, he will completely lose consciousness.

For the most part, though, he can function like a normal person, despite how unstable his body is or has become, and is eventually able to use his Dendro vision and delusion as any Allogene in Teyvat would.

SIorc's gender identity, explained.

AUTHOR NOTE I am not going to explain everything because, as a trans person myself, I don't feel like I should have to explain something like this, but I figured people might have been confused by the way I use his pronouns, and so I'm just using this section of the carrd to explain that.

Siorc is non-binary and completely indifferent towards gender. He's never really seen himself as either male nor female because he simply couldn't care less. He never really has. He won't really correct you if you mistake him for a woman or girl. I, the author, simply use he/him on him because using no pronouns on him all the time is just absolutely tiring, so I use he for convenience sake. I also do not like they on him because I don't feel like he would use they/them on himself.

However, I do alternate between using he/him pronouns to no pronouns at all. These pronoun replacements are of the following variety: the hyena, the chimera/the adolescent chimera, the adolescent/adolescent soldier, the young budding soldier/young soldier/soldier, the early adult and occasionally man/young man if I feel I've repeated hyena or chimera too many times in one paragraph. If such replacements do not make sense in parts of the paragraph, I simply just default to he/him/his so it's not too confusing.

Siorc also I suppose has some "feminine" interests, but doesn't care. He has a strong love for hairpins of any kind and is very meticulous about wearing them every day. He takes them off every night, and puts them on again every morning, along with his earrings.

He also doesn't care about gender stereotypes. He wears earrings on both his ears simply because it is an Ingne family tradition to get your ears pierced at a young age. Siorc chooses to wear earrings on both his ears. A lot of men wear earrings in Teyvat, anyway. Siorc just likes wearing both and always has since he was a child.

TL;DR Siorc is a gender indifferent non-binary partial person. It has nothing to do with the shark grooves in his brain, by the way. I will not go over his sexuality, however. I do not care, and neither does he.

Chimera Lore in General

NONE OF THIS CANON except for Khemia being advanced Khaenri'an alchemy. This is my personal fanon lore I made up so the chimeras in my genshin verse simply make more sense to exist, and so I can separate them from other "animal people" like Diona, and Gorou. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH BUT I AM ONLY CALLING MY OCS CHIMERAS! Characters like Gorou and Diona are not a part of this, so I can have my own separate thing to explain my genshin original characters. Anyway, I have got that disclaimer out the way, so let's go.

Khemia is advanced Khaenr'ian alchemy that is said to be able to create life itself. Chimeras came to be because of this alchemy. An unknown practitioner of Khemia had become curious one day and used this alchemy on some humans. Because Khemia is extremely dangerous, however, this affected various bloodlines. Using Khemia to change the chemical makeup of bodies quickly became forbidden, however, such tampering caused the fused dna to continue on within each generations.

The effects of Khemia have created three types of chimeras of various stabilities. They are as follows:

Chimeras that were not as tampered with. They appear similar to most normal animal people hybrids within Genshin. Similar to the Katzlein bloodline. Their animal traits are always visible on their bodies. However, their brains aren't fully stable, and sometimes these chimeras tend to act more like the animal dna they were fused with via the Khemia alchemy. Example: a rabbit chimera can't be lonely or it'll cause dire consequences.

Chimeras that were moderately tampered with. Their dna is slightly more unstable, however, these chimeras can hide their animal traits at will as well as summon them at will. They can blend in with humans almost completely normally. Their brains have only one type of dna and are mostly completely untouched by Khemia.

Finally, chimeras that have been severely tampered with. These chimeras has two or more types of dna inside their bodies. This DNA instability spreads throughout the organs in the body, making some of them half human, half the dna of the animal their dna is thus fused with due to the extreme heavy usage of Khemia on the body. These types of chimeras brains are often fused with predator animal brains. This makes their brains only partially human. As explained above, however, these predator grooves will never activate if these chimeras are raised with love and care. There is a one in five hundred chance the grooves in the brain will be a prey animal instead. Due to extreme instability, this dna is more likely to get more unstable as more children are bore. The predator animal DNA is usually cycled through.

These chimeras can also, similarly to the ones moderately tampered with, can summon and hide their animal body parts at will. Only some, in very rare cases, however, can transform their entire body into the animal their dna is fused with. This is due to how unstable these bodies are from the heavy usage of this alchemy.

The Fatui and their Archon, the Tsaritsa know about the chimeras and her majesty is specifically interested in the chimeras that can blend in normally with humans. She wishes to recruit them into her Fatui army, or for some, take them by force. Some of these Chimeras have been forced into diplomacy and are ordered by Her Majesty to go around to all the Nations in Teyvat to learn about their customs and how they operate. Not all of these types of chimeras have to been recruited as (or forcefully become) a Fatui Soldier, however. It is very few and far in between.

Despite being heavily unstable due to the effects of Khemia in a chimera's body, not a single chimera can use Khemia. They are simply unable to. Most chimeras are usually not told about this alchemy because it is usually forbidden to speak of to them. Some find out one way or another, though, usually in adulthood.

(another other's notes, sorry) While absolutely none of this is canon, I'd imagine Kaeya, Dainslief, and Albedo know about chimeras as well as their origins. If not, Kaeya would probably find ways to get intel on chimeras. Chimeras being around throughout Teyvat, but sparingly, I do wonder how characters that were from Khaenri'ah would act. towards them. Would they pity them? Be bitter towards them, or be wary of them because they were touched/tampered with their alchemy? Who knows.

End notes and quick Acrostic

I want to stress this one last time, but none of this is canon, and I will never push it as such. When hearing about Khemia being advanced Khaenri'an alchemy a few months back, it clicked in my head that this what I wanted for my Genshin Character's lore to be since most of my Genshin OCs are already chimeras to begin with.

This was just stuff I had been thinking about for months, on and off, and I just wanted all this lore to be somewhere I can easily have it conglomerated.

Besides Siorc, I have a couple of other Genshin chimera ocs. These ocs are, Hogo Nousagi (first name is Nousagi) who is a rabbit chimera that fits into the first category of chimera, Kígyó, a medusa/snake chimera that fits into the second category of chimera, and Loba, a jackal chimera. I'd like to eventually create Chimera ocs for every nation of Teyvat, but for the moment, I only have one for Inazuma (Nousagi), Natlan (Loba), Mondstadt (Kígyó), and Snezhnaya (Siorc). I would like to create one for Fontaine, Liyue and Sumeru as well someday.

Blistering skies, I can feel the crack
Yielding the blue, I stare at the black
Evening is upon me, cut me some slack?